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Leave it to the New York Times and Yahoo to parrot them to come up with something like this. One could try and refute them with a long counter argument. Oh say like how incredibly hard it is to become a seal. Then again why bother? It would only fall on deaf ears. The truth is the media in this country hates the military and all things associated with it. They have since the seventies in the New York Times case. Thus an article citing potential abuses by the seals complete with puffed up studies. With so called academics, who also have a political agenda to besmirch the military. All done with a voice to seem like it is caring and worried about this subject in order to hide what is really going on.

They truly hate anything that stands for what is best for this country. It also explains why they go after the police. The police are agents of order and they don’t like that. The effect of these attacks pieces on the police? The cops back off and crime begins to climb and the average person is stuck with living with it. While the authors of these attacks and their pet politicians all live secluded and free from any effect form what they have done. The same is going on here, go after a small effective military force and somehow reduce its effectiveness. The effect? That is obvious! When we need such a force we won’t have it. Our military is that much less effective. Joy for the New York Times mission accomplished!